Comprehensive Accounting and Tax Services

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our expert accounting and tax services. Boost your financial success with our accounting and tax services. We carefully handle all your accounting needs, expertly navigate tax complexities, and ensure financial compliance, giving you the confidence to focus on your business's growth and prosperity.

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Tax Filings

Optimize Tax Strategy and Filings

Maximize tax efficiency and compliance effortlessly with our expert services. We carefully plan your tax strategy, proactively identifying opportunities to minimize tax liabilities. Our financial experts ensure accurate and timely tax filings, keeping your financials in pristine order while helping you capitalize on substantial savings.

Financial Modelling

Accurate Financial Modeling

Delivering with precision, move ahead with our accurate financial modeling services. Our experts craft detailed models to guide your strategies, evaluate scenarios, and support informed choices. Rely on our proficiency for sound financial planning and risk mitigation, giving your business a competitive edge in a dynamic market landscape.


Efficient Payroll Processing

Streamline your payroll operations with our efficient processing services. We handle payroll cycles seamlessly, from calculations to issuing employee stock options grants. Trust us explicitly to ensure accurate and timely payroll management, significantly freeing up your resources and substantially reducing administrative burdens, so you can fully focus on core business activities.


Strategic Accounting for Financial Growth

Amplify your business's financial potential with our tax accounting services. We leverage our expertise to streamline financial operations, minimize tax liabilities, and provide financial insights that drive growth. Trust us to navigate the complexities of financial regulations and provide you with a clear path to financial success.

GST/ HST Filings

Save Time on your GST/ HST Filings

Simplify & expedite your GST/HST filings. We adeptly navigate the intricate process, ensuring precise and punctual submissions while saving valuable time and resources. Place your trust in us to efficiently steer through the complex tax landscape, allowing you to wholeheartedly focus on what truly matters – scaling and flourishing your business operations across different states in the USA.

A Four-step Process

Efficient Taxation and Financial Management Strategies


Assess Your Financial Health

Evaluate your financial situation, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, to gain a clear understanding of your financial health and needs.

Plan and Prepare Taxes

Develop a comprehensive tax strategy, maintain precise records, and diligently prepare your tax return with the ultimate goal of minimizing tax liabilities and ensuring full compliance.

Financial Statements and Compliance

Generate financial statements, review for accuracy, and stay compliant with tax laws and accounting regulations for a robust financial foundation.

Ongoing Improvement and Consultation

We will continuously enhance operations through expert guidance and strategic consultation for sustained growth and efficiency.

Our Customer Stories

It is indeed rare to come across a US firm that specializes in finance, accounting, tax and regulatory laws for the startups. Their 360-degree approach to finding solutions, considering the intricacies of the US and cross border regulations, is unparalleled...

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Deepinder Dhingra
CEO, Revsure Inc.

Khushi at USACFO has been a great asset in managing our finances in the USA. She has expertly overseen every aspect, from payroll processing...

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Bhakti Vetlani
CEO, Bigspring Inc.

USACFO plays a crucial role in guiding our team for multi-state regulatory compliance and tax filings. Her hands-on experience in managing...

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Ankur Agrawal
CEO, Inhabitr Inc

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are accounting and taxation services?

Accounting and taxation services involve managing a company's financial records, preparing financial statements, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Accountants handle bookkeeping, financial analysis, and reporting, while taxation services focus on filing tax returns, minimizing tax liabilities, and adhering to tax laws and regulations. These services are essential for businesses to maintain financial transparency and fulfill legal obligations.

What is the process for filing taxes as an expatriate or international business?

Filing taxes as an expatriate or international business involves determining your tax residency status, reporting global income, complying with host country tax laws, and potentially utilizing tax treaties. It often requires specialized knowledge and may involve complexities like foreign tax credits and exclusions. Consulting tax professionals or experts in international taxation is advisable for accurate and compliant filing.

How can I minimize my tax liability legally?

Minimizing tax liability legally involves taking advantage of available deductions, credits, and exemptions, optimizing retirement accounts, managing investments tax-efficiently, and exploring business-related deductions. It also includes staying informed about changing tax laws and utilizing tax-efficient strategies such as tax-deferred savings and charitable contributions. Consulting a tax advisor is crucial for personalized and compliant tax planning.

What are the methods of tax accounting?

In tax accounting, there are two main methods to calculate taxable income: the cash method and the accrual method. While specialized methods and hybrid approaches exist, they're rare and not widely used by most taxpayers. So, the primary tax accounting methods are:

  1. Cash Method: Record income and expenses when cash changes hands.
  2. Accrual Method: Recognize income and expenses when earned or incurred, irrespective of cash transactions.
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