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At USACFO, our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We are proud to share their stories of success, showcasing how our services have positively impacted their businesses.

Khushi and her team excelled in making the entire Series A fundraising process a seamless and efficient endeavor. They demonstrated their expertise by providing comprehensive answers to all investor inquiries related to finance and accounting, cap table and stock allocation, as well as compliance and tax matters.

Apoorva Verma
Co-founder, Rattle

The USACFO team's profound expertise in both US and Indian regulations left a lasting impression. They skillfully guided us through a complex entity structure transformation, turning our company into a US headquarters. Their adept handling of old investors, employees, and founders' holdings in the new structure ensured a seamless transition.

Altaf Ganiher
CEO, Snaptrude

We highly value USACFO's hands-on experience in assisting us in maintaining a fully diluted cap table. Their expertise has been truly appreciated as they've guided us through managing multiple rounds of safe notes, equity dilution, and the complexities of stock options vesting seamlessly. Their meticulous approach ensures our cap table remains accurate and up-to-date.

Vishal Jain
CFO, Fampay

USACFO played a pivotal role in the financial due diligence process conducted by the acquirer. Khushi and her team demonstrated exceptional competence and commitment in promptly addressing all the acquirer's inquiries. I've already enthusiastically recommended Khushi to fellow startups in my network.

Co-founder & CEO, Insent

Khushi at USACFO has been a great asset in managing our finances in the USA. She has expertly overseen every aspect, from payroll processing, state compliances, accounting, tax filings etc. Her thorough approach ensures that nothing is overlooked. From meticulous financial reporting to punctual tax filings, Khushi consistently delivers with diligence and precision, giving us peace of mind in our financial operations.

Bhakti Vetlani
CEO, Bigspring Inc.

It is indeed rare to come across a US firm that specializes in finance, accounting, tax and regulatory laws for the startups. Their 360-degree approach to finding solutions, considering the intricacies of the US and cross border regulations, is unparalleled. I have already recommended USACFO to numerous startup founders due to their remarkable capabilities and comprehensive knowledge in navigating the complexities of startups at every stage of their growth.

Deepinder Dhingra
CEO, Revsure Inc

The USACFO team, particularly led by Amit, played a pivotal role in our exit transaction. Beyond their assistance in due diligence, they excelled in orchestrating tax-efficient distribution of exit proceeds. Given the multi-country nature of the transaction involving the USA, India, and Israel, USACFO demonstrated remarkable maturity and expertise when liaising with lawyers, Big 4 accountants, and the acquiring company's legal counsel.

Surya Kiran Laskar
Co-founder, Nimmetry Inc.

USACFO is truly the best-in-class when it comes to providing comprehensive support to startups in the USA. In addition to their exceptional accounting and tax services, they have played a pivotal role in ensuring the precision of our incorporation documentation. Their expertise in founder and advisor equity allocation, stock options, safe notes, and cap table management has been invaluable.

Bharath Gaddam
CEO, Datapoem

We were immensely relieved to have USACFO's team on our side during our transition from an India-based structure to a US-headquartered company. Their deep expertise in flipping the India structure helped us navigate the legal complexities and successfully made the entire stock issuance process smooth and seamless.

Utsav Mathur
CEO, Gmetri Inc

The USACFO team demonstrated remarkable efficiency in setting up a data room for investor due diligence.  Their efforts were instrumental in saving us valuable time and expediting the fundraising process.

Swapnil Khandelwal
CEO, Alma Connect

USACFO’s ability to prepare investor updates that resonate with our stakeholders interest. They constantly help us in tracking KPIs and providing actionable insights. What truly sets them apart is their deep financial analysis of budget versus actual figures, helping us navigate complex financial landscapes with ease.

Abhijeet Singh
CEO, Appbrew

UACFO has been an invaluable asset to our organization. Their expertise in managing our accounts, payroll, taxes, compliances etc. has allowed us to focus on growing our business with confidence. We are extremely satisfied with their services and would recommend USACFO to any company looking for top-notch CFO services.

Carlos Felipe
CEO, Benchmark Labs

Khushi at USACFO plays a crucial role in guiding our team for multi-state regulatory compliance and tax filings. Her hands-on experience in managing the intricacies of each US state is incredibly valuable for our business operations.

Ankur Agrawal
CEO, Inhabitr Inc.

Our company has been fortunate to partner with USACFO for our financial needs, and the results have been outstanding. Their comprehensive approach to look after multi country financials and consolidations has brought a new level of efficiency to our operations. We highly recommend USACFO to any business seeking expert financial services.

Yip Ly
CEO, Almaden.ai

Working with Khushi at USACFO was a reassuring experience. Her comprehensive knowledge and the ability to address all our queries made us feel like we were in safe hands during the US incorporation process. I highly recommend others to place their trust in their expertise rather than relying on online tech platforms or banks, for whom setup is just a secondary service.

Sharmin Ali
CEO, Instoried

I highly recommend leveraging USACFO's expertise for entity incorporation in the USA, particularly if you have plans to raise investor funding in the future. Getting compliance, documentation, and entity structure right from the outset can save you a significant amount of time and potential challenges down the road.

Nikita Navral
CEO, Suprstack

USACFO provided us with invaluable guidance, leaving no question unanswered. From advising on the ideal entity type and holding structure to selecting the right state for setup, they expertly navigated the complexities of federal and state tax implications, including distribution taxes. USACFO's support was instrumental in ensuring our business setup in the USA was not only well-structured but also compliant and clear.

Shubham Taylia
Director, Echon

USACFO’s assistance in financial analysis has helped us in managing our burn rate and timely comparing budget versus actual numbers has been a financial lifeline.

Guru Venkateshan
CEO, SimpliContract

USACFO’s assistance in preparing investor reporting is impressive. They've consistently excelled in tracking KPIs, helping us stay updated on MIS reporting.

Atul Phadnis
CEO, Vitrina.AI

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