Proven Capital Raising Expertise

Elevate your capital raising efforts with our proven expertise. Our suite of services encompass thorough assessments, expert negotiations, carefully crafting agreements, and a track record of successful funding outcomes. Trust in our professionals to secure the funding your business needs for success and propelling growth.

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Due Diligence

Comprehensive Due Diligence Solutions

Our comprehensive due diligence solutions help companies prepare thorough document folders, conduct vendor due diligence, and maintain data accuracy, ensuring thorough information alignment with checklist requirements. Trust us for a seamless due diligence process.

Deal Negotiations

Tactical Deal Negotiation for Fundraising

Founders trust our expertise in negotiating deal terms with investors. We offer insights on valuation terms, side letters, and investor covenants, ensuring favorable outcomes for your fundraising endeavors, securing deals that align with their business goals.

Term Sheet

Navigating Capital Raising Term Sheets

Understand the intricacies of capital raising term sheets. Discover how they shape investment agreements, valuation, equity distribution, and investor rights. Equip yourself with the knowledge to negotiate and secure favorable terms, ensuring successful fundraising rounds and sustainable business growth.

Investor Agreement

Strategically Develop Investor Agreements

Collaborate with us to strategically develop investor agreements. Our expertise guides discussions, streamlines legal collaboration, and delivers precise, aligned, and legally sound agreements, securing your fundraising success with confidence and efficiency.

Investor Reporting

Elevate Investor Reporting with USACFO

Compile and present financial data and KPIs for investor reporting, highlighting your company's growth and prospects. Rely on us to provide clear, insightful reports that boost investor trust and nurture enduring partnerships. Safeguard your investment's future with custom, data-backed insights aligned with your business's specific requirements.

A Four-step Process

Strategic Fundraising Guidance: Navigating Success at Every Stage


Thorough Financial Assessment

An assessment of your financial health, capital needs, readiness for fundraising will be conducted.

Due Diligence 

We assess data room documents, encompassing projections, MIS, & vital KPI data for due diligence.

Effective Execution during Capital Raising

We assist you in finalizing deal terms, stock allocation, managing the cap table.

Managing Investor Reporting

We assist in preparing monthly/quarterly investor reporting, ie. KPI metrics & MIS data summaries.

Our Customer Stories

Khushi and her team excelled in making the entire Series A fundraising process a seamless and efficient endeavor. They demonstrated their expertise by providing comprehensive answers to all investor inquiries related to finance and accounting...

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Apoorva Verma
Co-founder, Rattle

The USACFO team's profound expertise in both US and Indian regulations left a lasting impression. They skillfully guided us through...

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Altaf Ganiher
CEO, Snaptrude

The USACFO team demonstrated remarkable efficiency in setting up a data room for investor due diligence.  Their efforts were instrumental in...

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Swapnil Khandelwal
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're Here to Help

What are the ways of raising capital for the company?

Companies can raise capital through various methods, including:

  1. Equity Financing: Issuing stocks or shares to investors in exchange for capital.
  2. Debt Financing: Borrowing money through loans or bonds with an obligation to repay the principal along with interest.
  3. Venture Capital: Obtaining funding from venture capitalists in exchange for equity, often utilized by startups and high-growth companies.
  4. Angel Investors: Individual investors providing capital to startups or small businesses in exchange for equity or convertible debt.
  5. Crowdfunding: Raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, often facilitated through online platforms.
  6. Initial Public Offering (IPO): Transitioning from a private to a public company by offering shares to the public on a stock exchange.
  7. Private Placements: Selling shares or bonds directly to institutional investors, bypassing public market
  8. Bank Loans: Securing loans from commercial banks based on the company's creditworthiness.
  9. Asset Sales: Selling non-core assets or divisions to generate funds.
  10. Venture Capital: Obtaining funding from venture capitalists in exchange for equity, often utilized by startups and high-growth companies.
  11. Government Grants and Subsidies: Accessing funds provided by government agencies to support specific industries or initiatives.
  12. Trade Credit: Extending payment periods with suppliers, effectively freeing up cash for other purposes.
  13. Leasing: Leasing equipment or assets instead of purchasing them outright, preserving capital for other investments.
  14. Factoring: Selling accounts receivable at a discount to a third party to improve cash flow.
  15. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with other companies for mutual benefit, which may include financial support.

Companies often use a combination of these methods based on their financial needs, growth stage, and risk tolerance.

How do you negotiate with investors?

Negotiating with investors effectively involves:

  1. Mixing Debt and Equity: If equity terms are challenging, consider a blend of debt and equity, which can appeal to investors and impact taxes.
  2. Staggering Investments: Start with a smaller equity share and secure more as your business grows.
  3. Leveraging Multiple Offers: Having multiple offers boosts your negotiation position, driving better terms and funding.
  4. Professionalism: Maintain professionalism throughout negotiations, as it reflects on your business acumen.
  5. Customized Negotiations: All terms are negotiable, so discuss each aspect and align them with your business needs.
  6. Know Your Investor: Understand your investor's preferences, ROI expectations, and past investments to tailor negotiations effectively.
How do you handle due diligence processes during fundraising?

During fundraising, due diligence processes involve systematically evaluating the company's financial, legal, operational, and strategic aspects. This is managed by providing requested documents, ensuring transparency, and collaborating with legal and financial advisors to address investor queries and concerns promptly.

Can you identify investors aligning with our goals?

Yes, we can assist in identifying investors and funding sources that align with your industry and growth objectives. Our expertise in capital raising allows us to tailor our approach to find the most suitable partners and financial resources for your specific needs.

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